Blog Birthday + Giveaway!

This blog was actually made in memory of my best friend Julien who passed away last year. Unable to cope with my stress and depression, I created this platform to release some creativity. She’s always pushed me to “foster my interests”, and I felt that keeping up with this blog is a way for me to connect with her. Truly, she’s my guardian angel as she continues to push me to learn, explore, and break boundaries.

In celebration, I will be giving away prizes from Jule Avenue!
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-Giveaway ends Sunday, September 31, 2016.
Note: Anyone can join! If you don’t have a Google account, you can leave your name, and a URL (can be FB or IG)!
In the meantime, I’ll be eating some honey toast, and pistachio latte to celebrate this baby!
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5 Tips to Aging Gracefully

e6949-house2bof2bakih2bagora2b11My mom is one of those people who could pass as my older sister if she wanted to. Her skin is close to immaculate which brings me to the hope that someday, I’ll be just like her! I’ll definitely be looking like a twenty-year-old in my 50s which is something I cannot complain about. While I’m still young to worry about aging, there are a few things I’ve already been doing to help slow the process.

1. Drink Water

Everywhere I go, I like to drink water! Why? Well, because it’s refreshing and it helps me feel energized! People often think that I’m unusual for ordering water everywhere I go, but truth be told, soda and other beverages tend to make me thirsty. So this habit pays off because when you’re consistently hydrated, your skin tends to look plump!

2. Skin Care Products

I like to use skin care products from different brands to see which ones work better. My personal favorite is the Cellexir Power Serum from Agora. It’s packed with all these feel good antioxidants that just makes my skin feel lighter and rejuvenated! It’s light on the skin but you can really feel its wonders.

3. Light Makeup

The only time I really wear makeup is on the weekends when I’m going out, but on most days, I rock the no-makeup-routine! Some of you might cringe at the idea of no makeup in public; if this is the case, wear light make up. Most importantly, let your skin breathe at least twice a week!

4. Stress Less

I’m one of those people that kind of takes every day as they go. Seriously, if you can’t control it, why worry? And if you can control it, why worry?!

5. Get Enough Sleep

Listen to your body. You don’t need 8 hours of sleep when you feel well-rested at 7 hours. The point is, don’t wake up in the morning hoping to snooze your alarm clock! Let your natural body clock take its course by giving it the proper rest!

Note: This is a sponsorship from which is a luxurious skin care line that uses a cell to cell communication in all products. All opinion is solely mine. Check out their products here, and get the latest skin care news here.

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Las Vegas’ Hidden Natural Wonder: Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is nothing like the bustling life of Las Vegas as it stays true to its nature. On the day of my visit, tourism was scarce. One may conclude that life ceases to exist there as harsh temperatures take over the entire valley. Still, my partner and I ventured off to the unknown as the sun rose to its peak not caring whether it kills or scorches hiking novices. But the heatwave didn’t hinder our wandering spirits as we stood astounded by the incredible hues of red. Truly, one may attest that the valley is on fire.

Why is the Valley of Fire Red?

Like myself, many might’ve wondered the genesis of its color. The red sandstone formation began millions of years ago with numerous shifting of sand dunes along with faulting around the region. In addition to that, considerable erosion is the reason for such an awe-inspiring landscape.

Must-See Landmarks

1. Elephant Rock doesn’t disappoint as the rock formation looks similar to the animal. This landmark is close to the exit going towards Lake Mead, and drivers would pass it on their side of the window. However, for those who has never seen Elephant Rock, it is easily missed as it blends so well with neighboring rocks. It’s a very short hike from the parking lot which only took about ten minutes for us to do. To get a better view it, a bit of scrambling is necessary.
2. Seven Sisters is a group of red, eroded boulders that is now surrounded by the sandy desert. A nearby formation once united these boulders, but relentless erosion and forces shred away its deposits. It’s predicted that, hundred of years from now, the Seven Sisters will cease to exist.
3. The Beehives is the first landmark that tourists will encounter, and it’s unique in its geological design. Each layer is a sample of geologic cross bedding, and every grooved line is going in numerous directions. As such, the bed represents different layers of residue that are deposited at various times.

Life in the Valley of Fire

One may attest that life doesn’t exist in such harsh conditions as temperatures go as high as 100s on the summer time. Still, brittlebush, burro bush, creosote bush and a variety of cacti thrive there. On my hike to Elephant Rock, a beautiful lizard was spotted underneath a bush filled with curiosity. Though plants seem to dominate this valley, animal activity is present and wild.

4 Things I Learned While I Was There

  1. It is incredibly hot! Embarking on a trip to Valley of Fire without water is dangerous especially on a hot summer day. The sun shows no mercy as the heat took over my entire body. Shade is scarce, and dehydration is inevitable.
  2. Embracing silence. When you live in the city, it’s easy to forget what silence is like. White noise from the refrigerator, cars, tv, and other industrial products make it difficult to stay in tune with one’s thought. Upon my visit, there were spots that were less traveled, and the silence was immense.
  3. The valley is photo worthy. Still, there’s nothing like seeing it in front of you to really appreciate its formation. Nature has truly outdone herself here.
  4. Appreciate the company. I was in good company when I was visiting Valley of Fire. Besides being one with nature, there’s nothing like spending it with those you care about to appreciate the day.


  • Entrance Fee will be collected at the time of arrival.
  • Picnic areas are available. I suggest going to the Seven Sisters because it’s excellent regarding shade.
  • Camping is available for a fee.
  • Visitors information is open with a full overview of the park. Souvenirs are also on sale for everyone’s convenience.
  • Hiking is suggested, but many of the landmarks are within walking distance from the road. I highly recommend checking with an expert to see which trails they suggest for the weather as they can be different in terrain and difficulties.

Elephant Rock after a small hike to the top.
Two boulders from the Seven Sisters.
An image of the Beehives.
Different layers represent several directions of formation found on the Beehives.
Plant and cacti dominate life on the valley.
Different types of bushes can be found all throughout the Valley of Fire.

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Mini Greenhouse Cactus

To be honest, I’m surprised that my dogs are still alive to this day. Since I was in high school, no matter how hard I tried, my pet hamsters have never survived to old age. Alongside that, I’ve had my share of plants that didn’t last long either. But these are cacti; they can’t be that bad right? I’m not going to lie; I really feel the pressure now!
I’ve wanted these for a while, and I thought that I could find them at Ikea. I made a trip there with a really good friend of mine the other day, but they were nowhere to be found. I think we just missed it. I know they’re there– SOMEWHERE!
Nonetheless, I got something similar to them, and I’m in a panic! If these cacti die under my wing, I will NEVER buy plants or succulents ever again. Promise.
Any of you have a green thumb? If so, shoot some tips and advice here for me! #keepthesucculentsalive


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Scream for Ice Cream

Okay, I hear all your cries about the weather, but once your city exceeds 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you can start complaining. For my international readers, that would be 46 degrees Celsius. Now that I have the right to complain, I will get started on this post.
I made these bad boys today because it was super hot! Just imagine yourself opening an over after baking, and that’s exactly what Las Vegas weather is like. Would I trade this weather for any others? Probably not. ‘Wait, WAHHHH?!’ you might ask. Let me explain.
Last week, I was in Los Angeles, and I’ve forgotten how disgustingly hot it was there. It’s not scorching hot, but because of the humidity, you’d want to jump in the shower every two seconds. When I got home in Las Vegas, I truly appreciated the weather because it’s dry. It’s so hot here that Las Vegans don’t have time to sweat. Do I like the heat? Hell to the no, but it gives me the reason to make these bad boys!
What you’ll need:
Coconut thin cookies (found at Trader Joe’s)
Your favorite ice cream (used for this blog: rocky road)
Directions: Place three tablespoons of ice cream in between the cookies. Gently press them together, and roll the ice cream edges! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?!
What’s your summertime treat?

The Many Faces of Donuts

I’ve had Fantastic Donuts and Croissants in my bookmarks for a long time now, and I had the pleasure of trying them out this weekend! The thing that caught my attention: SUPER CUTE DONUTS! I mean, who can resist such a thing? I know I couldn’t! Now, my final verdict:

Food: 3/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 1/5

I know, they’re pretty low scores! The disappointing part about this visit was that the guy who helped us out looked so aggravated when he was serving us. Alongside the bad service, ordering was only possible outside the premises’ window after 11PM. It was shady af!

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Dinner at Shake Shack

Shake Shack is becoming one of those American staples that you have to experience when you’re in the country. It started in New York in 2004, and it quickly expanded with franchises popping up in the West Coast. Las Vegas is one of the lucky cities to open up in the area as tourists such as Los Angelenos make it priority to stop by.
It was one of those legendary restaurantants that went viral by word of mouth. Perhaps it’s from those homesick East Coast peeps that wished Shake Shack was around. Maybe it’s some people from the West Coast that had to spread the news. Let’s just say it’s both and all the ‘maybes’ in between.
While my loyalty stands strong to In-N-Out, I can see why people would yearn for such food. Just look at the burger aesthetically; who wouldn’t want to eat such a thing? All the ingredients tastes fresh with the meat as juicy as can be. My friends were raving about the sauce’s consistency and how it complimented it’s overall presentation. I don’t quite agree, but the majority has spoken; the sauce is delicious!
Let’s not start with the fries! It was just heaven on Earth for me. If someone were to suggest it, I would opt for the cheese fries without hesitation. It’s crispy on the outside and soft inside. I’ve never tasted such a perfection. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but the fries are up there.
So have you tried Shake Shack before? If so, what did you think about it?
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Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

I think I left my heart in Virginia because I continue to think about it even though two months has passed since my last visit. From the interlocking foliage to the beautiful small towns are just what a city girl needs to consider a relocation! While Los Angeles and Las Vegas has been my home for years, there’s nothing like the country to truly appreciate nature. I mean every commute was like a scenic route to anywhere! Vast fields of greeneries with a backdrop of the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. They also had a generous share of the woods as many miles of long drives where trees from left to right.
My aunt took me to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park on my first day there. Being so close to Washington D.C., it’s neighboring states were rich in history. Who knew?! Harpers Ferry was located in West Virginia. It’s a small town with only a population of 286 as of 2010. While the town looks serene now, it had its brutal share of the American Civil War.
I couldn’t help but imagine a congestion of people running from every direction fighting to build a stable country. It’s a town filled with a scale of tragedy, legacy, accomplishments and trial by fire. At the end of the day, it continues to represent the bloody tribulations of the American history.
I only have two words for Harpers Ferry: haunting and awe-inspiring.
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Affordable Things To Do In Las Vegas

If there’s a city deserving of both love and hate, it is Las Vegas. Look past the glittering lights, and you’ll see a riveting reality of its flamboyance. Gambling, gluttony, sex, and alcohol are not the only subjects that highlight this city. In a local’s perspective– it is home. Tourism heavily affects our economy as we rely on visitors to make an honest living. Hah! Honesty, now that’s an irony welcomed in an adult’s playground.

Still, my love for this city extends great heights as it caters to its locals. Talk about, $1 margarita, $6.99 steak and eggs, affordable buffets, super cheap entertainment, FREE entertainment, and gambling– if you say you have nothing to do in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong! The following is how I would do Vegas (in Downtown Las Vegas):

We Know Alcohol

I’ve paid for $20 cups of watered down alcohol at the Las Vegas Strip with regret. How businesses are able to get away with such a ripoff, is beyond me. Still, if you want a good buzz without the breaking your bank, hit up Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery at Main Street Station. For about $4 you’re enjoying a 16oz drink similar to that of at the Strip! While that is my personal favorite, you can expect specials around at Fremont Hotel that include $2 Jager shots, $2 Corona and Heineken, 99 cent margaritas, $3 Red Bull Vodka, and more!

Gravity Defying Zipline

When you’re in Downtown Las Vegas, trying Slotzilla is a MUST! There’s nothing like zip lining at the Fremont Street that satisfies both locals and tourists! Being afraid of heights myself, I would try this over and over again! There are two options in riding: a lower and an upper line. The lower line is in a sitting position, and it takes you to half of Fremont Street. The upper line is a “Superman” position, and the line will take you to the end of Fremont. It costs $25 and $45 respectively. Try it at least once!

Food For Days

We’re popular for buffets. I assume that in other cities, eating at buffets is not as typical as it is here in Las Vegas. When hosting guests from out of state, I typically like to take them to buffets at least once because it saves people from being indecisive. The buffets in Fremont Street at cheap, but to really get them at a bargain price, sign up for a players card. Membership is  free, and it provide benefits. The following are just some examples of how much the pricing is for the buffets there:

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station
Garden Court Buffet (Monday-Friday)
Breakfast- $7.99
Lunch – $8.99
Garden Court Buffet (Saturday & Sunday)
Brunch- $11.99

Paradise Buffet & Cafe in Fremont
Paradise Buffet Breakfast – $8.49
Paradise Buffet Lunch – $9.49
Prime Rib Night Dinner (Sunday, Monday & Thursday) $15.49
Seafood Fantasy Tuesday’s – $21.99
Steak Night Wednesdays’s – $15.49

Enjoy Free Stuff

Light Show – Experience a jaw-dropping  light show on the world’s largest video screen! People watching is free, and so are good vibes!

Free Photo Op With A Million Dollars – Ever seen million dollars right before your eyes? At Binion’s, take a glimpse of it! Photos are taken in between 10AM-11PM everyday. And guess what? The photos are free of charge!

Free Brewery Tour – Sign up for a free guided tour at Banger Brewing! It’s near the SlotZilla zip line tower! This is a must-try for beer lovers! Sign up for your tour here.

Free Slots – Enjoy free slot machine pulls at the Fremont Street! You’ll find one at Binion’s and Four Queens. You could win up to $2,500 in cash and free coupons all around the casino are available too. The odds of winning may be slim, but did I mention that it’s free?

Sharks! – The Golden Nugget’s pool is an incredible stunner with a marvelous feat of engineering. This is a 200,000 gallon tank full of sharks. Viewing is free, and the pool is open to the hotel’s guests.

Downtown Las Vegas takes you back to an old Vegas where sinning began as a new norm.
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Belated Father’s Day

My grandpa (my dad’s side) and I have a special bond with one another. Since I was a child, he’s always looked after me. As far as I could remember, I used to visit my grandparents (from my mom’s side) for the summer. I was only used to visiting them for the weekend and anything longer than that brought me anxiety. After about a week, I started crying and throwing fits because I wanted to be with my grandpa. Oddly enough, my mom told me that I got so frustrated that every time that I saw an old man resembling my grandpa I cried to them. Yeah, that’s a little troubling now that I think about it.
You know what else is funny? When I moved to Las Vegas, I cried on my first month here because I wasn’t used to being apart from him. I told you we have a special bond! Cheers to the man who taught me love, stubbornness (yes, stubbornness), and respect.
P.S. I’ve reached 1,000 on Instagram, and to celebrate, take advantage of 50% OFF all orders at Jule Avenue. Sale ends June 22, 2016! So hurry! Use coupon code: CELEBRATEAKIH at checkout. 
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