When in Portland, Visit the Portland Japanese Garden

Portland, Oregon is a breathtaking city that’s filled with independent minds working together to form an incredible culture. From food to landmarks, Portland knows how to ‘wow’ you in a way that makes you question your flight back home. Should I really hop on that plane on Monday? Truth be told, it’s reasonable to challenge such reality.
Portland Japanese Garden is a popular tourist and local destination for any season. I went on a November afternoon when heavy jackets were a must. What you see on this post is pretty much what I wore throughout my stay. Different pants and shirt, but the same jacket and beanie.
The beanie is unique because my friend sent it to me from New York! It’s a collection from Minx NY which is a combination of scarf and beanie. The idea seemed a bit odd when she described it, but I didn’t question it! Let it be known that you should never go to Portland in fall or winter without a beanie. Bringing it was the best idea I’ve made this month as I would have been freezing throughout my visit. It got the point where a jacket, boots, and beanie was a necessity.
Portland Japanese Garden was serene. It was a well-thought of landscape that takes your breath away. A stroll through the garden felt like wonderland as foliage engulfed the area. You’re greeted with waterfalls to which you can sit and ponder. Had I more time, I would have grabbed my book and drank tea in the presence of such beauty.
Indeed, it’s one of those places you have to visit when in Portland. The whole perimeter could be scaled within thirty minutes, but it’s not a surprise if one should decide to dedicate one full day.

6 thoughts on “When in Portland, Visit the Portland Japanese Garden

  1. I'm loving the new layout! I want to have my posts all central too. I do like my current theme but there's a lot of bugs I can't fix. Plus I found a template I like except there's no fixed header which is why I'm sitting on the fence currently.

    I'd also LOVE to see Portland. It's on my list, driving through those woods, all the way up to Seattle and through Washington too. I'll have to make sure I stop at these Japanese gardens. It looks so serene and dreamy.

    Have a happy New Year gorgeous! Hope 2017 gives you everything you want and MORE!


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