Death Valley National Park

This week has been going so well for me. My boss decided that we weren’t working today so I have the day off! This is perfect because if I have to sit in my cubicle for the next eight hours, I wouldn’t be able to sit still! I’m way too excited for my trip to Portland, Oregon!
I’m actually going tonight which is nerve wracking because I haven’t packed at all. I mean it’s only for three days, but to my defense, I’m a girl. I have to have my necessities. Packing used to be easy for me. I remember going to Vegas for one weekend with bringing almost an empty bag. The girls around me thought that I was crazy because they’re hauling suitcases around.
Anyway, I’m sitting here on the couch wondering what I should do with my extra time. One thing that pings in my mind is to pack, but my lazy self is too stubborn to do anything productive. See, I meant to do all this last night, but I was drawn by a book. Next thing you know, I passed out like a baby.
Also, one thing that’s impeded me from productivity is this damn chill. I already have the heater on and I’m still freezing! This makes me wonder if I’d even survive Portland this weekend.
I just realized I rambled on about this weekend instead of Death Valley! So a few weeks ago, the best person in the world, decided to take me to Death Valley. Honestly, I didn’t see the appeal. I’m more of trees and butterflies and everything nice, but this was not bad at all! The only alarming thing about this trip was the part when I saw a live tarantula. Yes, in the wild. A fat hairy spider just a few inches away from me. To my surprise, it was so docile that it didn’t bother freaking out at the sight of me freaking. Well, now that I think about it, I just sound like a maniac. To my defense, it looked deadly! Okay, yeah I’m lying.
So the first few photos you see here is from Dante’s View. I never thought I would see anything like it. For a moment, I thought, this is not Earth. Absolutely not! As we inclined to the top, I wanted to shut my eyes because one, I was getting all the goosebumps! Two, I wanted to get more goosebumps! So, I closed them until I was directed to take a gander. This spot– It’s one of those places you just have to see to believe.
Death Valley has always seemed a little spooky for me because of its name, but now I’ve come to appreciate it a bit more. Oh, and get this… I went over there in celebration of my birthday. Yeah, it was a bit of an irony– but a good story to tell in the future!
We stayed until night time, but after seeing that spider, I consistently shouted, “spider check!” And scoped through my general area to see suspicious creatures lurking around. Luckily, there was nothing in sight!
I’m a big fan of stargazing so we stayed until the sun was gone. The small dots in the sky along with the moon was just amazing. It’s one of those things that you never get to appreciate in the city because of the lights. When you at Death Valley, stay a bit longer to look at the stars. Preferably when there’s no moon. Regardless, it’ll always be a beautiful night.

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