In California With My Toes In the Sand

I’ve been to a handful of cities that has astounded me to the core, but there will never be a city like Los Angeles. When it’s summer all year round, who can complain about clear skies when it’s snowing like crazy in the east coast. The only thing we can really complain about is not having enough days off to spend under the sun.
Last September, I had the pleasure to visit my best friend. When I’m in town, we make an effort to go to the beach just because I’m so far from it now. Funny enough, when I used to live in Los Angeles, we hardly went to the beach. “Winter” was a no-no because it was too chilly so we stayed home most of the time.
So, when I was there, my best friend loves me enough to take me to the beach twice that weekend. Once on the day I landed, and second was a few hours before my flight. I love days at the beach with her because it gives us the space to talk about anything and everything. With the wind blowing and waves crashing, it’s total bliss. Thinking about it now makes me miss my best friend even more! Still, I’m kind of on this strike because I think it’s time for her to come over and visit me! I think she’s way overdue.
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