Two Mischievous Dogs

I know that I don’t really talk about my furry fluffs on House of Akih, but these two dogs are a HUGE part of my life. Haru and Kobi has been with me for a few years, and each of them are big on their respected personalities.

Haru (small) is the most independent dog I’ve ever met. When she was a puppy, she had a pretty severe separation anxiety, so I did my best to get rid of it. Well, it backfired because now, she’s completely independent to the point that she almost has a personality of a cat. Very odd. Still, I’m proud of her as she knows so many tricks! I’m not talking about your typical sit and stay command. This cutie will sit, lay down, play dead, high five, put her toys away and more without the need of a treat.

Kobi is the goofiest character I’ve seen across the board. He’s smart in a mischievous way, but he will love the f*ck out of you if you deserve it. He will demand scratches and stare while you eat, but again… He will love you! Prepare for hours of cuddles even when you don’t want them. He also knows a couple of tricks when treats are involved. In terms of learning, he learns much faster than Haru but he’ll perform them on his own little goofy way.

Well, there you have it! I’ll make an effort to post more about them here, but if I don’t, you can catch them on their Instagram!

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7 thoughts on “Two Mischievous Dogs

  1. Aww so cute!! Would love any tips you might have on the separation anxiety, my new puppy has become so attached to me and will very rarely stay with anyone else 🙂 xx


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